Learn HOW to read
and understand the Bible
for yourself.

The Living Energy Seminar is 48 segments and not designed to be viewed all at once. It will benefit you to take your time with each chapter, and to complete the Study Guide along with reviewing the material that you’ve learned in each session. Depending on your schedule, it could take several weeks to go through all of the chapters comprehensively. Utilizing the Study Guide is designed to provoke you to think deeper and contemplate the intent and messages of each chapter. It is a valuable tool to maximize your experience of Living Energy Seminar. We hope you are thrilled and excited as you learn how to Read and Understand the Bible. God bless you!

Living Energy Seminar Copyright © 2010 by Saber of Truth Ministries, LLC. No portion of the Living Energy seminar or the Living Energy Study Guide may be copied, transmitted or reproduced in any form (written, visual, electronic or audio), for any purposes without the express written consent of Saber of Truth Ministries, LLC.